Ulexiet Films is a foundation that is established in 2019 by filmmaker Jochem de Vries. The foundation creates projects with a strong narrative and artistic component. Ulexite Films focuses on socially-based stories embedded in a diverse society and stories that have an abstract or artistic approach. The foundation aspires that these stories lead to intriguing conversations, but especially to empathy and perception to shared similarities instead of differences.


Brita Lemmens (Chairman)
Shayne McCreadie (Secretary)
Maarten Rottschäfer (Treasurer)

Our policy plan (in Dutch) can be download here. The board is unpaid and receives no remuneration for the work, is independent and has an independent chairman. Stichting Ulexiet is registered at the chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam with number: 74102958 | RSIN : 859773164Since Octobre 15th 2019 the Ulexiet Foundation is designated as ANBI (and Cultural ANBI) for the Dutch tax authorities. The annual figures and report can be downloaded here. The foundations works according the the Dutch Covernance Code.